TMA Launches 401k Plan for Members

In an effort to continue to grow relevant offerings for all members, TMA has launched a partnership with ACG Wealth to offer financial peace of mind for your future with the new TMA 401(k) plan, designed for member groups of any size.

How it Works

The TMA Multiple Employer 401(k) does all the heavy lifting for your practice. You maintain plan flexibility, while professionals manage investments, participant education and due diligence. You practice medicine, we manage your retirement plan.


  • Save on program fees with flat pricing and low institutional fund cost
  • Reduce administrative burden by eliminating annual audit, shifting plan trustee duties, and having a dedicated 3(38) fiduciary
  • Safe harbor provisions to maximize physician savings and streamline administration
  • Complete flexibility in plan design and profit sharing
  • Opportunity to have financial planners advise on 401(k)

Who to Contact for More Info

Kevin Rainwater