Doctors use a service fee calculator to save money on health insurance, drug cost concepts.
Financial Management

Money & Medicine ​​

A vital skill for physicians, whether just entering medical school or planning for retirement. The Memphis Medical Society provides financial guidance to our members throughout their career stages.

The Society has hosted one-off events focused on financial wellness for years, but in 2019 Money & Medicine came to life through the hard work and drive of Robert Frederick, a medical student at the time. Our Money & Medicine series connects our members with well-vetted financial professionals and informative materials to provide financial wellness at home and in practice. Each series focuses on a different topic that may apply to multiple career stages or focus directly on students, residents, or physicians. 

Medical Students

  • Investing in retirement
    • Click here to watch the presentation on Financial Wellness hosted by Daniel Burke, CFP, ChFC, President of Burke Financial Group.
  • Loan payback options


  • Contracting
  • Coding

Early Career

  • Contracting
  • Home buying

Mid Career

  • Estate Planning