Board of Directors

Chris Pokabla, M.D.
Andrew Watson, M.D.
Immediate Past President
David L. Cannon, M.D.
Lisa S. Usdan, M.D.
President Elect
Catherine Womack, M.D.
Vice President
Dale Criner, M.D.

Directors-at-Large & Ex-Officio Members

Board of Directors

Melanie Woodall, M.D.
Christopher Jackson, M.D.
Walter Rayford, PhD, M.D., MBA
James Beaty, M.D.
James Wang, M.D.
Perisco Wofford, M.D.
Paul Tackett, M.D.
Andreana Smith
Mid-South MGMA President
LaTonya Washington, M.D.
Bluff City Medical Society President
Kyle Smith, M.D.
Desiree Burroughs-Ray
Diana Alsbrook, M.D.
Resident Representative
Elizabeth Conner
TMA Student Representative

Advisory Members

Board of Directors

O. Lee Berkenstock, M.D.
TMA Regional Advisor
Jimmie Mancell, M.D.
MMS Past President
Chris Fleming, M.D.
Past TMA President
James Ensor, M.D.
Past MMS President
Phillip Langsdon, M.D.
MMS Past President
Robinson Wiley, M.D.
TMA Past President
Autry Parker, M.D.
MMS Past President
Keith Anderson, M.D.
MMS Past President


The Society is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and nine Members-at-Large. The Members-at-Large are rotated by electing three new members each year to serve a three-year term each. Also serving on the Board is an annually appointed representative of the Resident members who serves a one-year term. The Board is responsible for all property and fiscal affairs of the Society, as well as any employees and office maintained by the Society. The Board assigns and supervises the duties of the Executive Vice President, who in turn manages all daily functions of the Society and its staff. The Board also makes suggestions for the coordination and proper performance of the duties of the standing and ad hoc committees.

Standing Committees                                                      Current Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Communications                                                                         •   Physician Wellbeing
  • Public Service                                                                               •   Practice Services
  • Membership
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Legislative