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Updated PPE Items, including N-95 masks

We have a new partnership with 3M and Ladd Safety to sell N-95 masks at pre-pandemic prices to those healthcare professional at risk of COVID-19 […]

Public masking guidelines

The CDC now recommends people wear a cloth mask in public spaces. Click here for the full guidelines, including sewn and no-sew options for homemade […]

Physicians can opt-out from 2020 MIPS program

This week CMS announced that physicians will have the option to opt-out completely or partially from the 2020 MIPS program by completing a hardship exemption […]

Is it safe to go to a doctor’s office?

Is It Safe To Go To a Doctor’s Office During COVID-19? Guest article from Clint Cummins, CEO, and Danielle Hassel, MD, President, Memphis Medical Society, […]

Register to Vote in the Primaries!

Shelby County primaries are coming up quickly! Whether you are from Shelby County, relocating from another town in Tennessee, or are new to the state, […]

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