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Thrive can help

Burnout is Real

Research upon research cites physician burnout as a serious health concern. In some results, as much as 63% of physicians say they have felt a sense of burnout. Burnout not only can harm the physician but also his or her patients. The residual effects on our healthcare system are immeasurable. We also know that threats to a physician’s professional and social lives can be impacted due to hesitation in seeking care.

The mission of Thrive is to provide a resource for the physician community to confidentially seek counseling in a safe, convenient environment without judgement and to act as a precursor before more serious issues arise for the physician.

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Our Response

In response to this growing concern, Memphis Medical Society and Memphis Medical Foundation offer Thrive, a physician wellness initiative. Through Thrive, a physician can call or text a confidential hotline (901-286-3110), and he or she will be connected with a licensed psychologist. The Memphis Medical Foundation will cover the costs of up to 6 sessions with this psychologist. Access to care can also be accessed by filling out this HIPAA-compliant form.

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