Society Launches Partnership to Help Members Refinance Student Loan Debt

Memphis Medical Society (MMS) has partnered with Splash Financial, a leading student loan refinancing company. Splash’s student loan rates are some of the most competitive in the nation.

MMS members will have access to reduced rates in order to refinance their current student loan(s).

“The MMS CEO and Board of Directors have carefully reviewed the proposal from Splash and believe it provides tremendous value to our members,” says MMS 2020 President, Danielle Hassel, M.D. “We consistently hear that finance and student loan payback are a top concern for our members, and we decided that we must act to provide a solution.”

Many medical professionals pay rates as high as a 6.5% on student loans. Splash offers rates as low as 1.99%

How does it work?

If you have student loans and are not pursuing a loan forgiveness program, you may be able to save money by refinancing with Splash Financial.  Splash was founded to help physicians refinance their student loans, and has expanded to any degree or profession.

Memphis Medical Society members, members’ employees and members’ families can qualify for a $500 cash bonus if they refinance at least $30,000 with Splash. 

There are no origination fees or prepayment penalties with Splash. Check your rates in 3 minutes without impacting your credit score. Rates start at 1.99% for those that qualify. The process is simple:

Click here!  

Get your rate in about 3 minutes.