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Preceptors Needed for First- and Second- Year Medical Students

Preceptors Needed for First- and Second-Year Medical Students

The UTHSC Principles of Clinical Medicine course needs preceptors for first- and second-year medical students for the August-May (2021/2022) school year. As a preceptor, you have the opportunity to introduce students to patient care, medical professionalism, and healthcare delivery in “real world” environments.
Participation in the preceptor program requires a minimal time commitment. The program asks that students flexibly schedule a half-day visit with their preceptor once a month from August 2021 through May 2022. During these visits, preceptors allow students to participate in patient examinations, provide feedback, and generally serve as a mentor who was once where they are. Preceptors provide feedback to students and PCM course faculty by completing a brief assessment. Students submit de-identified reflections about lessons learned to PCM course faculty following each visit.
The program currently seeks primary care specialists or physicians practicing in non-procedural settings and asks that each preceptor allow two students to visit each month if possible.
If you’re interested in serving as a preceptor, contact a Preceptor Coordinator as soon as possible:

Alise Miller, MBA
Preceptor Coordinator
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center