Meet the Newest Member of Our Team, Savannah Boster!

We are excited to introduce you to Savannah Boster, the newest member of our MMS team. Savannah is the Marketing and Communications Manager. She is doing a great job so far and we want you to know more about her!

Name: Savannah Boster 

Hometown: Oakdale, California. 

Family and Pets: I have two sisters – I’m the middle kid! My parents still live in California, and I enjoy visiting them often (hi Mom and Dad!). I have one cat named Millie, she is a Siamese mix and is VERY sassy. 

Professional experience: My marketing journey began in college at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. I gained valuable experience through various jobs, like managing social media for a sports marketing group and working for my university’s social media team. After college, I transitioned to a marketing role at a large auto group in California. In 2022, I took a step forward, relocating to Tennessee to become the Marketing & Development Manager at the Humane Society. I was thrilled when I received the offer to join the MMS team in March 2024! 

Most excited about this role: I’m so excited to bring my 5+ years of digital marketing and communications expertise to the table!  I can’t wait to collaborate with our physicians and bring fresh ideas into our social media strategy, taking our communication to the next level. 

What new or improved aspects do you hope to bring to your program? I am excited to bring my digital marketing experience to MMS to help the team reach new audiences and expand their reach in the Mid-South. I have tons of fresh ideas and data-driven strategies that will ignite growth and achieve measurable results for this organization. 

What is something you want everyone to know about you? I’m a highly motivated individual who thrives on setting and achieving goals. My strong work ethic ensures I make the most of every opportunity.  My marketing mindset is built on innovation and creativity. I am fueled by non-stop curiosity – I had endless “why?” questions as a kid! Being in different industries has sharpened my problem-solving skills, which I use to develop effective digital marketing solutions. 

An unusual fact about me: I am left-handed, and I have been to Yosemite National Park more times than I can count!