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Memphis Medical Society and its Foundation, Memphis Medical Foundation, have been working diligently to make sure physicians and healthcare workers have what they need during this crisis. As you can imagine, we have done this at our own expense since many of our members have been unable to renew their dues at this time. We are now calling on members and the public to support us so we may continue this work. Your tax-deductible gift to Memphis Medical Foundation will allow us to continue:

  • Securing donation and procurement of PPE across the entire city
  • Creating condensed, concise and localized information for clinicians specific to COVID-19
  • Connecting those in printing, manufacturing and other industries to the right people in healthcare to create innovative solutions during this challenging time securing PPE. 
  • Providing additional support to physicians and healthcare workers as needed

We will get through this together. Any amount that you are able to give is greatly appreciated. If a small monthly gift is preferred, we have an option for that as well.

Whether you are a physician, healthcare worker, or member of the community, we wish you continued safety and resilience during this time.

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