TMA Political Pulse: Trigger” Law Correction Bill Calendared Next Week

With bill filing at a close and analyses of introduced legislation nearly concluded, TMA’s government affairs team will begin moving its policy agenda through the legislative process next week.

The first initiative on the list is the health industry coalition’s correction bill for the abortion ‘trigger’ law (SB745/HB883) that went into effect last year. The bill clarifies exceptions to criminal abortion when the life or health of the mother are at risk, or for commonly performed medically necessary procedures, such as ectopic pregnancies. In addition, the bill allows for termination of a pregnancy when a non-survivable fetal anomaly is diagnosed, as well as providing immunity to pharmacists who dispense drugs that can be used to induce an abortion.

The bill is on notice in the House Population Health subcommittee next Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 3 pm. TMA is asking all members who are available to show support for the legislation by wearing your white coat and attending the committee hearing. A display of solidarity from the medical community will help convey a powerful message of support to state lawmakers. Space will be limited so early arrival is encouraged.

More information about the committee hearing can be found on the Tennessee General Assembly’s website.