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Gastroenterology Specialists

Gastroenterology specialists are highly specialized doctors who focus on treating and curing digestive disorders and diseases, ranging from cancer to inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, if you’re concerned about a change in bowel habits, your specialist will do a cancer screening. They can also investigate other signs and symptoms that may concern you. If you have any other inquiries, you can contact any gastroenterology specialists in our society.

When Should You See a Gastroenterologist?

Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist if you have:

  • Hemorrhoids affecting your quality of life
  • Ongoing abdominal pain and nausea
  • A change in your bowel habits in conjunction with weight loss
  • Ongoing heartburn and indigestion
  • A history of gastroesophageal reflux diseases
  • Signs of pancreatitis or ulcers

What Happens at a Gastroenterology Appointment?

Your healthcare provider might contact a gastroenterologist, or you can make your appointment yourself. Always verify any referral requirements with your insurance provider before scheduling, and be aware of any specialist co-pays you may incur. The initial appointment is usually about 30-40 minutes. You’ll discuss your symptoms and medical history, and the specialist may prescribe medication and suggest digestive-friendly diets.

If your gastroenterologist is concerned or overly cautious, they may schedule you for an exploratory routine procedure, such as an endoscopy or a colonoscopy. These procedures use small cameras to spot signs of more serious conditions, including cancer and liver disease.

Some Questions You Can Ask Your Gastroenterologist

For your peace of mind and to stay informed, ask an array of questions. Sample questions might include:

  • What tests will you do to rule out cancer?
  • Can I control my symptoms by following a specific diet?
  • Can you test to see if these symptoms are genetic?
  • Is this a chronic disorder, or can I be cured?
  • If I have a procedure, how long do I wait for the results?

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