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Shelby County Health Department message for Germantown hospitals and medical care providers

 This is a message from the Shelby County Health Department for Germantown hospitals and medical care providers.

The City of Germantown lifted water restrictions for customers east of Forest Hill Irene Road. All facilities located west of Forest Irene Road should continue to avoid the use of tap water until further notice.

Please pay attention to the guidance in numbers five (5) and six (6).

Medical facilities located east of Forest Hill Irene Road should follow the flushing schedule provided by the City of Germantown and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) before resuming the use of tap water.


Flushing Schedule and Process Details

Residents are asked to complete flushing during the timeframe designated for their specific area. Those who have not detected the smell of diesel in their home may open all faucets, hot and cold, and allow them to run for five minutes.


Those who have detected odor from the water should follow the more extensive process below:


Step 1: Open a couple of cold water taps and run for 15 minutes to clear the customer service line from the main. Step 2: Open each cold tap one at a time and run that for 5 min to clean that specific line. Begin nearest where water enters the building and move toward the farthest faucet. Repeat for the rest of the cold taps. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 by running hot water through the taps. Step 4: Any dishes or clothing washed while the restriction was in place should be rewashed. Step 5: Water-using medical devices may require additional cleaning steps in addition to flushing (e.g., discarding ice). Consult the device manufacturer’s maintenance instructions or contact your medical distributor. If your medical facility has onsite water treatment, you are encouraged to check and flush your water treatment system to ensure no residues are present. If your facility is in an area/neighborhood cleared by TDEC/Germantown, you are encouraged to service the water treatment system. STEP 6 You are encouraged to thoroughly flush or drain those systems for any onsite water storage, both hot (e.g., water heater tanks) and cold storage. Water storage can take multiple times the storage volume to flush, and draining can be faster and more effective.Follow medical device manufacturer instructions or contact the manufacturer of your device if you have questions about flushing medical devices.


If residual odor is detected in the water after this more extensive flushing process is complete, customers should email customer service at