Rep. Hardaway supports nursing independent practice bill

We learned today that Representative Goffrey A. ‘G. A.’ Hardaway, Sr. who represents District 93, signed on as a co-sponsor of HB2203, a newly introduced bill that would give advance practice nurses the right to independent practice in Tennessee. Of course, MMS and TMA strongly oppose nursing independent practice.

We would like Rep. Hardaway to hear from some of his Shelby County physicians and constituents on this issue. Please take a moment to call, 615-741-5625, and/or email,, telling him we are very concerned about nursing independent practice. Tell him that you value a physician-led care team and do not support HB2203.

TMA and MMS have led advocacy efforts for years to keep Tennessee physicians supervising patient care and prevent inappropriate scope of practice expansion for midlevel healthcare providers.

Advance practice nurses and physician assistants have been so far unsuccessful in their attempts to change state laws to achieve independent practice in Tennessee. However, with the introduction of HB2203, they are again asking for independent practice without physician-led supervision.

We believe delivering the best quality and value-driven healthcare calls for a team-based approach. Each team member plays a vital role on the healthcare team and he or she should be able to work to the fullest extent of his or her education and training, but team members are not equivalent or interchangeable. Physicians have more education, training and experience than any other team member(s) and should lead the team in diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions, complications or emergencies.

Contact Rep. Hardaway today, and let him know that you believe a physician-led, team-based model is the best way to create much-needed access in underserved areas of our state and contain costs, without compromising patient safety or quality of care.

HB2203 should not move forward. For more information, click here.