Quadruple your donation!

This year we are supporting Toy Truck benefiting Porter-Leath. 

Porter-Leath needs our help now more than ever to make this year brighter and merrier for 6,200 Porter-Leath children by filling up our 19th Annual Toy Truck!
COVID-19 has changed the way we all do business, but we want to continue to serve. We want to make this difficult year extra special for local, low-income children, all under age 5, by making sure each and every last child has a toy under the tree!  
Monetary donations are cheerfully accepted and this year your donation can go even further!

MGMA will match up to $2,500 in donations to Porter-Leath PLUS  The Memphis Medical Society and MedTemps is teaming up to $2,500 as well. But wait, there is more!  Porter-Leath’s Secret Santa will be matching the first $50,000 given in holiday gifts.
This is the perfect year to make each donation count!
For example, a $25 donation will be turned in to $100!