Online Appointments Now Available!

The Memphis Medical Society Launches Online Appointment Scheduling

The Memphis Medical Society unveils capacity for patients to schedule doctor’s visits online through the Society’s web site, a mere six months after a complete web site redesign. During this pilot phase, patients will be able to schedule in the specialties of dermatology, sports medicine and shoulder orthopedics, primary care, rheumatology, hand and wrist orthopedics, pain management. Once proof of concept is achieved, the Society hopes to  expand the offering to all specialties.

“We want our web site to be a tool not only for our physician members but for the community as well,” says Chief Executive Officer, Clint Cummins. “Our web site provides extensive information on each of our physicians, and now patients have the ability to easily schedule an appointment with a physician of his or her choosing without leaving our web site.”

This new functionality is HIPPA compliant so patients do not have to worry about personal information submitted through the site being breached. “It was of utmost importance to us that we offer a user-friendly and secure portal to the community,” Cummins says. “We are really trying to target today’s busy consumer who conducts the majority of his/her or the family’s business in the evening or at a time when they can’t pick up the phone. Our site sends your request to the clinic, and the clinic contacts you as soon as possible.”

The web site is located at


The Memphis Medical Society is a non-profit, physician professional organization, dedicated to uniting and advocating for the physicians of Shelby County and their patients. The Society is a trusted source of up-to-date healthcare industry news and resources, and it partners statewide with the Tennessee Medical Association.