MMS Board of Directors Endorses Ronald H. Kirkland, M.D., for TMA President-Elect

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Ronald H. Kirkland, MD

Memphis Medical Society’s Board of Directors recently voted to endorse Ronald H. Kirkland, M.D., from Jackson, TN, as its preferred candidate for TMA President-Elect in 2020.

Dr. Kirkland has held a variety of roles in organized medicine. Most notably, he served as TMA Legislative Chairman for four years. He is also on the Board of IMPACT, TMA’s Political Action Committee. Dr. Kirkland has spent dozens of days of his personal time in Nashville developing relationships with our state legislators.

In addition to his TMA experience, Dr. Kirkland has served as the Chairman of the American Medical Group Association and chair of its respective Foundation. He has served as a delegate to the AMA for 10 years.

He has also served as Chair of the Board for Jackson Clinic, President of University of Tennessee Alumni Association and President of the Jackson Rotary.

You can listen to our interview with Dr. Kirkland on our most recent episode of our Memphis MedCast podcast at the following link or wherever you listen to podcasts.

You can also hear from Dr. Kirkland himself here!

So please go vote for Dr. Kirkland at during the month of February.

Be sure to read this endorsement from James C. Fleming, M.D., MMS and TMA Past President:

“It is my great pleasure to write a letter of support for the nomination of Dr. Ron Kirkland for the President of the Tennessee Medical Association.

Dr. Ron Kirkland is uniquely qualified and brings a great perspective of medical practice to this position.  Please let me enumerate:

  1. Dr. Kirkland has worked in a large multispecialty group (The Jackson Clinic) for a number of years.
  2. He has been a delegate to the AMA and built a number of coalitions of physicians to address many issues that affect physician practices.
  3. Ron knows and appreciates rural medicine and has worked with many physicians in rural West Tennessee.
  4. Dr. Kirkland knows the “Halls” of the Tennessee State Legislature and can talk to a number of our State legislators on a personal basis.
  5. The TMA needs great leadership. Dr Kirkland can bring to the table a varied experience locally, statewide and as representative of his national organization.

I have worked with Dr. Kirkland on a number of issues and I feel that he has the type and the breadth of leadership that the TMA needs in its next President.  I believe that Dr. Ron Kirkland is that Physician who can guide the TMA for the Physicians of Tennessee.

Please vote for Dr. Ron Kirkland as the next President of the Tennessee Medical Association.

Thank you.

James Christian “Chris” Fleming, M.D.

So please go vote for Dr. Kirkland at during the month of February!