Job! Mays & Schnapp Pain Clinic and Rehabilitation Center Billing Director

Billing Director, Mays & Schnapp Pain Clinic and Rehabilitation Center

Reports to: Practice Administrator and CEO

EFFECTIVE DATE 10/1/19                                                                                                              

Purpose of Position and Scope of Responsibility

Responsible for the overall operation of the practice billing office, which includes physician, ambulatory surgery center, and physical therapy services. All related functions will be managed in an efficient and effective manner Responsible for interviewing, hiring, disciplining and discharging assigned personnel and sections(s) during all hours of operation.

In addition, the Billing Director will also be responsible for Special Projects as directed by the Administrator and/or CEO.

After reviewing the information below, please send cover letter, resume and supporting documents to Ray Saunders: click here to email him directly.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications











Licensure, Registration, Certification

Skill and proficiency in applying the highly technical principals, concepts, and techniques which are central to services rendered. Management as normally acquired through completion of an Associate Degree or equivalent experience.


Must exhibit skills reflective of a business environment or an appropriately related field through (5-10) years healthcare management experience.                                                                 



Physical Requirements

Work requires little or no physical effort.  Work requiring light physical exertion is intermittent and is not a routine part of this job.


Environmental Conditions

Work is performed under normal working conditions as in a normal practice environment.


Signatures of Approval, etc.



Performance Standards

  1. Interviews, counsels, disciplines, assigns and monitors work; trains, orients, evaluates assigned personnel.
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Develops personnel schedules

2 Monitors work assignments

3 Employee interviewing, hiring, counseling, discharging.

4 Monitors employee through evaluations

5 Authorizes overtime.

1 Scheduling fundamentals

2 Job knowledge of each area

3 Interviewing skills

4 Ability to set and monitor outcomes

5 Payroll and Bookkeeping skills, employment laws



  1. Communicates vision, policies and procedures, goals: assess strengths and weaknesses of employees and makes recommendation of changes to improve performance.
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Communicates vision, goals, Policies and Procedures

2 Assess employees strengths/weaknesses

3 Recommends changes to improve performance



1 Knowledge of vision, goals, and Policies/Procedures

2 Excellent verbal and written communication skills

3 Organizational skills

4 Total quality concepts

5 Knowledge of all Physician’s Office functions


  1. Analyzes department operations, identifies opportunities for cost reduction and enhanced efficiency.
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Reviews department expenses

2 Implements and monitors change to ensure desired outcomes


1 Analytical skills and working knowledge of business accounting (Basic expenses, revenues, and accounting distribution processes)

2 Total Quality concepts

3 Creativity skills



  1. Maintains good working relationships with all practice departments by providing service, assistance, and open communication.                                        
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Provides ongoing assessment of customer needs

2 Set service levels and monitors to ensure compliance

3 Provides feedback to customers on opportunity for change

4 Initiate Surveys to determine department effectiveness and employee proficiency.

1 Excellent written and verbal communication skills

2 Knowledge of goals

3 Understanding of customer needs

4 Creativity skills


  1. Develop productivity and performance standards. Observe and document productivity of assigned personnel.
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Develops, implements, and monitors productivity standards to maintain proper FTE levels

2 Communicates productivity standards to employees

3 Documents results

4 Maintain operations and employee productivity consistent with Practice and department goals

5 Makes recommendations to Administrator


1 Experience in productivity standards.

2 Ability to understand and enforce Company Policies and Procedures

3 Ability to conduct necessary disciplinary actions up to and including discharge of personnel

4 Communication skills

5 Verbal/written skills

6 Analytical skills

7 Creativity skills


  1. Shows leadership in problem solving as it relates to operational issues and meeting customer and personnel needs.                                                                                                                                          
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Meets with Administrator on a frequent basis to ensure needs are met

2 Develops and implements problem solving ideas with Administrator approval

3 Monitors and documents problems and solutions

4 Assist various levels of clinic personnel in problem solving, audits, etc

1 Problem solving skills

2 Communication skills

3 Analytical skills

4 Understanding patient needs

5 Knowledge of all clinic functions

6 Interpersonal skills




  1. Maintains departmental Procedure Manual and in-services staff on an on-going basis. Prepares, monitors and maintains departmental records and reports.
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 In-services staff

2 Inspects and documents expected outcomes

3 Documents and maintains manuals/records/reports

4 Ensures attendance to in-service training

1 Excellent communication skills

2 Analytical skills

3 Training skills

4 Planning/organizational skills

5 CARF knowledge


  1. Monitor all aspects of Patient Charges / Revenue
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Assure all patient charges are being captured from supplies.

2 Reports findings and makes recommendations

3 Assure payment posting is being done properly.

4 Assure money is being handled in compliance with company policies.

1 Practice Management System skills

2 Analytical skills

3 Computer skills

4 Excellent communication skills

5 Interpersonal skills


  1. Conducts special projects and performs related responsibility as may be assigned and required by the CEO or Administrator.                                                                                                                                        
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Implement special projects in conjunction with Administrative directives

2 Communicates to the Administrator.

3 Serves on committees as required by the Administrator



1 Ability to coordinate operational / major process changes

2 Creativity skills

3 Excellent communication skills

4 Interpersonal skills

5 Knowledge of billing dept goals

6 Total Quality Management


  1. Develops and maintains a positive work climate and the overall team efforts of the department
Main Activities Knowledge and Skills
1 Develops and maintains a positive work climate

2 Projects the overall team efforts of the department

3 Communicates with employees

4 Obtains feedback

1 Communication skills

2 Problem solving skills

3 Understanding the employee needs

4 Understanding the department needs


After reviewing the information above, please send cover letter, resume and supporting documents to Ray Saunders: click here to email him directly.