Donations for our 2023 Holiday Card

Holiday lights and sparklers

Dear Friends: 

We are continuing our tradition of sending holiday cards as a fundraising event for Memphis Medical Foundation. All those who make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation will be listed on our holiday card, which will be sent to all members of The Memphis Medical Society and healthcare leaders throughout West Tennessee.   

Although we request a minimum gift of $175 for inclusion on the card, all donors will be listed alphabetically. As always, 100% of your donation is tax deductible.  

It has been another growth year for the Memphis Medical Foundation. This year’s growth is highlighted by our partnership with the local MGMA chapter to create the Mid-South Healthcare Leadership Institute, dedicated to increasing leadership skills of our healthcare workforce. Our first cohort was for MGMA members, and we plan to create additional cohorts for physicians and other healthcare professionals.


Our Thrive program continues to be utilized by your colleagues. Through Thrive, physicians can seek truly confidential visits with a psychologist to address burnout and personal as well as professional hardships. If you or someone you know needs support, please click here to learn more. We hope to also add coaching as a potential opportunity for Thrive in the coming years.


Thanks to the Foundation, Project Access West Tennessee has had another successful year expanding access to specialty care to those in need in West Tennessee. Our focus for 2024 is to increase our number of physician volunteers and expand partnerships with facilities.


Thank you for your continued support!  

DONATIONS FOR THIS CARD ARE NOW CLOSED. You can still make a donation to our foundation below.