COVID-19 Reopen Resource Page for Physicians

Governor Lee’s extended stay at home order and “non-essential” services order will soon expire and physicians will begin to ramp up office and elective surgery practice. To assist, we have compiled some resources around topics to consider when reopening medical and surgical practice. 

Some topline considerations when crafting policies to address the new normal post-COVID-19 pandemic world include:

• Check PPE and frequently used supply inventories, have a plan in place to conserve them, and firm up your supply chains
        The CDC has a PPE Burn Rate Calculator available to assist you in planning for and optimizing the use of PPE in your office  

• Screening of employees and patients (temperature checks, symptoms, etc.) upon arrival to the practice

• Arrange schedule to reduce patient wait times and to allow enough time to sanitize exam rooms and equipment between patients

• If possible, limit visits to the patient, and if needed, one caregiver

• Modify waiting room space by arranging seating at least six feet apart; consider an option to utilize texting to alert patients in their cars

• Incorporate hands-free check-in/out and make sure to sanitize counter tops, kiosks, pens, iPads, etc. after every patient handles those items

• Conduct virtual meetings with pharmaceutical representatives, vendors, or visitors in the office until the public health emergency has ended

• Allow support staff to work remotely, if possible

• Assess office space for implementation of social distancing and hygiene risks for staff and patients

• Revise sick and leave policies to discourage working while sick

• Maximize telehealth technology as clinically appropriate
• CMS Virtual Tool Kit:

• CMS Recommendations Re-opening Facilities to Provide Non-emergent Non-COVID-19 Healthcare:

• CDC:

• White House Opening Up America:

• American Enterprise Institute National Coronavirus Response A Map to Reopening:

• American College of Surgeons Roadmap for Resuming Elective Surgery after COVID-19 Pandemic:

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