AAMSE Board of Directors

The American Association of Medical Society Executives (AAMSE), an organization dedicated to educating and supporting medical society professionals, announces their 2021-22 board, including a new president, during its virtual annual conference. At the AAMSE Business Meeting on July 21, the 2021-212 AAMSE Board of Directors was seated. Allison Lundberg and April Donahue were elected to three-year terms as Directors. Clint Cummins was re-elected to his own three-year term after finishing the Director term vacated by Bryan Campbell when he was elected as Secretary-Treasurer.

The American Association of Medical Society Executives is a professional association for than 1,500 medical society professionals throughout the country. The membership base of AAMSE is comprised of local, state, and national medical specialty associations. AAMSE has forged a path for medical society professionals to take a leadership rol more e in the field of medical society management and the community of medicine at large through collaboration and sharing of information, tools, and resources.

For more information on the elected AAMSE Boards of Directors, click here.