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Coordinating Specialty Care

To be eligible for Project Access West Tennessee, patients must:

  • Receive a speciality referral from a primary care clinic
  • Have a household income of 200% or less than the current federal poverty guidelines
  • Not be eligible for health care programs such as (Medicaid, Medicare, employer sponsored insurance, COBRA, etc.)
  • Adhere to the patient responsibilities outlined in your agreement.

And, to be eligible, you must also be a permanent resident in one of these counties for at least 90 days:


How can I be enrolled?

You need to be referred to Project Access by a participating physician or community health clinic. When we receive your referral, we will contact you to see if you qualify. We partner with local referring clinics and many health departments and clinics in rural west tennessee.  

We recommend these clinics for primary care:


How does the process work?

Prospective patients will talk to an eligibility specialist. If you qualify for other medical benefits like TennCare, you must apply for these programs. In some cases, you may be able to enroll in Project Access as a short-term option until your other benefits begin. 


Project Access patients are enrolled for three to six months, based on their expected treatment needs. Care can be extended as recommended by the treating physician. We will identify specialists who can help you and schedule your appointments. You will get an identification card to present in your health care visits. 



Most services are provided at no cost; however, Project Access may not cover some needed services, especially if a test needs to be done by a nonparticipating lab.