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About PAWT


Project Access was created to help uninsured individuals get the health care they need by linking local physicians, hospitals, and local health clinics that agree to donate their services to the individuals and families in need of health care services.

This project is primarily funded by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Health.

About PAWT

When is PAWT Needed?

Many people in West Tennessee do not have health insurance. They work hard in multiple jobs with limited to no access to health benefits. They earn too much to qualify for programs like TennCare, but not enough to pay for insurance premiums and still afford other basic items such as food, clothing, and housing. Project Access was created to help people in this tough spot access specialty medical care they need. 

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What Does Project Access Do?

  • Develops and maintains volunteer physician, hospital, and provider networks
  • Determines and monitors client eligibility
  • Provides care coordination services throughout the patient’s eligibility period
  • Strengthens enrollees accountability with a patient responsibilities agreement
  • Directs patients to community-based resources that can help them address chronic health conditions
  • Tracks and reports “Charity Claims” submitted by partners