Surgery Center Administrator |

38018 Full-time
March 21, 2019

Large orthopedic surgical center is seeking an experienced administrator to lead the operations of the center. The administrator will be responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all activities of the facility according to its policies, procedures, philosophy and objectives. Comprehensive understanding of the mission and vision of our practice is pertinent. The administrator will also participate in financial and cost-containment decisions, ensure that the facility meets all related local, state, federal, Medicare’s CFCs or COPs, and accrediting body rules and regulations, and serve as internal risk manager, compliance officer and infection prevention manager. They will also coordinate and direct patient care in the facility according to adopted policies and procedures, state and federal regulations and accepted accreditation standards, promote a favorable image of the facility to physicians, patients, insurance companies and the general public.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree Required, Master’s Degree Preferred

Experience Required: Minimum 3 years surgery center or related acute care experience, healthcare management, evidence of leadership qualities

Additional Skills Required: Computer literacy, ability to use Word processor and Excel spreadsheets; ability to independently use office equipment such as fax, copier and scanner. Ability to perform the necessary functions on the center’s computer systems. Cooperative work attitude toward co-employees, management, patients, visitors and physicians. Ability to make decisions and solve problems. Language skills adequate for high-level written, interpersonal and telephone communication.