CMA with Limited Scope X-ray Certification | MedTemps

38018 Full-time
August 14, 2019

MedTemps, a subsidiary of Memphis Medical Society, is hiring experienced, skilled, and professional certified medical assistants with limited scope x-ray certification in the Mid-South area for our physicians!

We work with the leaders of medicine in the Mid-South to provide them with the highest quality staffing and services available. We prefer a minimum of 2 years’ experience.

Limited X-Ray Tech and CMA Functions

  • Perform diagnostic procedures within licensure; achieving a high level of image quality in a minimal amount of time using correct anatomical markers.
  • Maintains a clean, functional work environment to include patient log maintenance and adequate supplies.
  • Gathers pertinent previous studies, films, and patient documentation to submit to Radiologist for
  • Performs visual inspection of image for exposure factors (contrast, density, etc.) to ensure technical quality of digital image.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and the ability to utilize EMR for scheduling, charge entry, patient history, and verifying images and creating radiology dictation markers.
  • Rooms patients utilizing best practice MA workflow.
  • Documents patient information collected, care given, and treatments provided as well as charges in a clear and concise manner in EMR.
  • Organizes, stocks and maintains an orderly, clean and uncluttered work area, including but not limited to exam rooms, procedure rooms and patient care areas.
  • Maintains current knowledge of clinical policies and procedures.
  • Maintains CPR and other appropriate certifications
  • Performs other duties as assigned Limited X-ray Tech/CMA