We have a new partnership with 3M and Ladd Safety to sell N-95 masks at pre-pandemic prices to those healthcare professional at risk of COVID-19 exposure. This process includes a simple eligibility form. Click here to review the full process and to fill out the form for N-95 masks. 


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MMS has worked diligently to source, donate when possible, and sell PPE for our physicians and healthcare team members. 


We have now updated our PPE ordering form with additional items, including hand sanitizer, lab coats and more. 

Click here to review our full selection. 

As always, we are here to support our physicians and healthcare team members throughout this pandemic and beyond. If you have any questions regarding PPE, please click here to email us directly. 

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Scientists have discovered the virus is detectable for up to three hours in aerosols, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.


However, please advise patients the following.

Do not show up to a doctor’s office or healthcare center for COVID-19 testing unless you were instructed to do so by your provider or have an appointment. 

Do not show up to an emergency department for testing or treatment unless you have called ahead to notify them first. 

In regards to the pediatric population, there is a very low number of reported cases in children worldwide. Some are led to believe that children may be relatively immune to COVID-19; however, there is no data to support this either way. Those children that have presented and tested as positive, show the same general signs as adults: dry cough, trouble breathing and fever above 102.2

Yes, someone not presenting as COVID-19 can still be COVID-19 positive. Symptoms are very vague, and COVID-19 can be transmit if someone is a-symptomatic.

If you have a patient you suspect has COVID-19 call 833-943-1658 or Tennessee Department of Health 615-741-7247.

The CDC provides interim guidance to assist with assessment of risk, monitoring, and work restriction decisions for HCP with potential exposure to COVID-19

Click here for up-to-date guidance.

Medical students and healthcare workers can be trained in remote COVID-19 triaging. For more information, click here.

The length of the COVID-19 outbreak all depends on our actions today. If everyone follows the Stay at Home order, washes hands frequently and considers masking themselves when in essential public spaces, the virus can be shut down completely.

With the Stay at Home executive order from Mayor Strickland, the public is required to stay at home unless traveling to an essential location, such as a grocery store or pharmacy.

As some public spaces begin to open, it is advised that the public mask in some way, while in these public settings. N95 masks are not needed. Any surgical mask or homemade mask will work.

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The filter just has to say “95” and be from 3M.

95 means it filters out 95% of particles >0.5 microns.

“N’ means it is NOT oil resistant. “P” means its oil resistant.

N95 filters are exhausted, but there’s respirators and P95 filters available.

A respirator mask with a P95 filter will do the same thing as an N95, and oil resistant.

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Surgical Masks are adequate protection for first responders and Healthcare workers UNLESS performing any aerosol producing procedure. In those cases, USE N95 (at minimum) as well as eye protection, gown, gloves.

Click here for a full masking guideline sheet.

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Call the Center for Disease Control if you face a concerning situation that makes you uncertain.

The CDC phone number is 770-488-7100.

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Currently, the suggestion is to discontinue well checks. We need to prevent contact with non-emergency patients. Consider how telehealth could assistance with these patients.

Try to avoid patients who are scheduled for routine follow-up visits. If patients call in with a respiratory concern, instruct them not to come to the clinic. Try to triage over the phone or using telehealth options. Think innovatively about how to help patients without contact.

Please Note:

Testing for COVID-19 is limited and currently being offered to those who are symptomatic, contacts of confirmed cases, or who work in the healthcare field. Patients must meet certain exposure criteria in order to be tested for COVID-19. If you suspect that you have been exposed to someone who has confirmed COVID-19 and have mild to moderate symptoms, please call your healthcare provider or the COVID-19 hotline: 833-943-1658. 

Do not show up to a doctor’s office or healthcare center for COVID-19 testing unless you were instructed to do so by your provider or have an appointment. 

Do not show up to an emergency department for testing or treatment unless you have called ahead to notify them first. 

Baptist Health – by appointment only, call 866-941-4785. Testing is being done at Baptist Memorial Hospital-ColliervilleBaptist Minor Medical Center-Olive Branch, Pop-Up Testing at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, and Pop-Up Testing at Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto

Case Management, Inc. – by appointment only, call (901) 821-5880 or email COVID-19TestCMI@cmiofmemphis.org 

Christ Community – by appointment only, Text “Test2020” to 91999. Testing is being done at the Third Street Health Center

Church Health Drive-Through Testing – by appointment only, call 901-272-0003

Memphis Health Center, Inc. – By appointment only, call (901) 261-2042

Tri-State Community Health Center – testing on Fridays from 9am-1pm, call 901-572-1573

UT Drive-Through Testing @ Tiger Lane – by appointment only, Text “covid” to 901-203-5526

With new guidelines emerging quickly, you need a comprehensive billing guide for COVID-19 telehealth encounters.

Click here for CMS and commercial payers plans, policies and appropriate CPT code.

Tennessee Medical Association has developed an app to facilitate telehealth solutions that are easy on patients and physicians.
Click here to download the app.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Avoid people with flu-like symptoms. Cover your cough with your sleeve or a tissue and dispose. Don’t touch your face, nose, mouth or eyes. Stay away from others if you have flu-like symptoms.

Before going to a doctor’s office, emergency room, or testing site, call a doctor first to discuss your symptoms.

Close contact with an infected person (within six feet or 10 minutes or more) Uncovered coughing or sneezing on the other people or surfaces

Cough, fever, muscle and body aches and difficulty breathing.

Coronavirus is a type of virus
transmitted from animals to humans.
Once a new strain infects humans, it is called a “novel coronavirus”
and can cause sicknesses ranging from a common cold to severe
respiratory illness. The novel coronavirus spreading in the United
States causes coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19. If you have
questions about COVID-19, please call the hotline at 866-941-4785.