October 18, 2017

State Societies

The AMA is made up of component (both state and local) medical societies that have a vote in the house of delegates.  These organizations are recognized by the AMA.  The Memphis Medical Society cannot be responsible for the content of any of these sites.
State Medical Association URL
Alaska State Medical Association http://www.aksma.org/
Medical Association of the State of Alabama http://www.masaling.org/
Arizona Medical Association http://www.azmedassn.org/
California Medical Association http://www.cmanet.org/
Colorado Medical Society http://www.cms.org/
Connecticut State Medical Society http://www.csms.org/
Medical Society of the District of Columbia http://www.msdc.org/
Medical Society of Delaware http://www.medsocdel.org/
Florida Medical Association http://www.fmaonline.org/
Medical Association of Georgia http://www.mag.org/
Hawaii Medical Association http://www.hmaonline.net/
Idaho Medical Association http://www.idmed.org/
Illinois State Medical Society http://www.cmsdocs.org/
Indiana State Medical Association http://www.ismanet.org/
Iowa Medical Society http://www.iowamedical.org/
Kansas Medical Society http://www.kmsonlin.org/
Kentucky Medical Association http://www.kyma.org/
Louisiana State Medical Society http://www.isms.org/
Maine Medical Association http://www.mainemed.com/
Med Chi: Maryland State Medical Society http://www.medchi.org/
Massachusetts Medical Society http://www.massmed.org/
Michigan State Medical Society http://www.msms.org/
Minnesota Medical Association http://www.mnmed.org/
Mississippi State Medical Association http://www.msmaonline.com/
Missouri State Medical Association http://www.msma.org/
Montana Medical Association http://www.mmaoffice.org/
Nebraska Medical Association http://www.nebmed.org/
Nevada State Medical Association http://www.nsmadocs.org/
New Hampshire Medical Society http://www.nhms.org/
Medical Society of New Jersey http://www.msnj.org/
New Mexico Medical Society http://www.nmms.org/
Medical Society of the State of New York http://www.mssny.org/
North Carolina Medical Society http://www.ncmedsoc.org/
North Dakota Medical Association http://www.ndmed.org/
Ohio State Medical Association http://www.osma.org/
Oklahoma State Medical Association http://www.osmaonline.org/
Oregon Medical Association http://www.theoma.org/
Pennsylvania Medical Society http://www.pamedsoc.org/
Rhode Island Medical Society http://www.rimed.org/
South Carolina Medical Association http://www.scmanet.org/
South Dakota State Medical Association http://www.sdsma.org/
Tennessee Medical Association http://www.tnmed.org/
Texas Medical Association http://www.texmed.org/
Utah Medical Association http://www.utahmed.org/
Vermont Medical Association http://www.vtmed.org/
Medical Society of Virginia http://www.msv.org/
Washington State Medical Association http://www.wsma.org/
West Virginia State Medical Association http://www.wvsma.org/
Wisconsin Medical Society http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/
Wyoming State Medical Society http://www.wyomed.org/