October 18, 2017

Component Societies

The AMA is made up of component (both state and local) medical societies that have a vote in the house of delegates.  These organizations are recognized by the AMA. The Memphis Medical Society cannot be responsible for the content of any of these sites.
State Medical Association URL
Alaska State Medical Association             http://www.aksma.org/
Medical Association of the State of Alabama http://www.masaling.org/
Madison County Medical Society http://www.madisoncountydocs.com/
Medical Society of Mobile County http://www.msomc.com/
Arizona Medical Association http://www.azmedassn.org/
Pima Medical Society http://www.pimamedicalsociety.org/
California Medical Association http://www.cmanet.org/
Fresno-Madera Medical Society http://www.fmms.org/
Humboldt-Del Norte County Medical Society http://www.humboldt1.com/
Imperial County Medical Society http://www.icmedicalsociety.org/
Kern County Medical Society http://www.kms.org/
Los Angeles County Medical Association http://www.lacmanet.org/
Napa County Medical Society http://www.ncms.org/
Orange County Medical Association http://www.ocma.org/
Placer-Nevada County Medical Society http://www.pncms.org/
Riverside County Medical Association http://www.rcmanet.org/
San Berdino County Medical Society http://www.sbcms.org/
San Diego County Medical Society http://www.sdcms.org/
San Francisco Medical Society http://www.sfms.org/
San Joaguin Medical Society http://www.sjcms.org/
San Luis Obispo County Medical Society http://www.slocms.org/
San Mateo County Medical Association http://www.smcma.org/
Santa Barbara County Medical Society http://www.sbmed.org/
Santa Clara County Medical Society http://www.sccma.org/
Santa Cruz County Medical Society http://www.cruzmed.org/
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society http://www.sedms.org/
Sonoma County Medical Society http://www.scma.org/
Stanislaus Medical Society http://www.stanislausmedicalsociety.com/
Tulare Medical Society http://www.tcmsonline.org/
Colorado Medical Society http://www.cms.org/
Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society http://www.ademedsoc.org/
Boulder County Medical Society
Clear Creek Valley Medical Society http://www.ccvms.org/
Denver Medical Society http://www.denvermedicalsociety.org/
El Paso County Medical Society http://www.epcms.org/
LaPlata Medical Society http://www.laplamedicalsociety.com/
Connecticut State Medical Society http://www.csms.org/
Fairfield County Medical Association http://www.fcma.org/
Hartford County Medical Society http://www.hcma.org/
New Haven County Medical Association http://www.nhcms.org/
New London County Medical Association http://www.nlcma.org/
Medical Society of the District of Columbia http://www.msdc.org/
Medical Society of Delaware http://www.medsocdel.org/
Florida Medical Association http://www.fmaonline.org/
Alachua County Medical Society http://www.acms.org/
Bays Medical Society http://www.baysmed.org/
Broward County Medical Association http://www.bcma.com/
Capital Medical Society http://www.capmed.org/
Charlotte Coundy Medical Society http://www.charlottecountydoctors.com/
Dade County Medical Society http://www.miamimed.com/
Duval County Medical Society http://www.dcmsonline.org/
Escambia County Medical Society http://www.escambiacms.org/
Hillsborough County Medical Association http://www.hcma.net
Lake-Sumter Medical Society http://www.lakesumter.org/
Lee County Meidcla Society http://www.leecountymedicalsociety.org/
Orange County Medical Society http://www.ocms.org/
Oceola County Medical Society http://www.ocms.org/
Pinellas County Medical Association http://www.pinellascm.org/
Polk County Medical Association http://www.polkcountydoctors.org/
Sarasota County Medical Society http://www.sarasotacountymedical.org/
Volusia County Medical Society http://www.vcms.org/
Medical Association of Georgia  http://www.mag.org/
Cobb County Medical Society http://www.cobbdoctors.com/
Dekalb Medical Society http://www.dekmedsoc.org/
Medical Assoication of Atlanta http://www.mas-assnescambiacms.org/
Muscogee County Medical Society http://www.muscogeecountymed.org/
Hawaii Medical Association http://www.hmaonline.net/
Honolulu County Medical Society http://www.hcmsonline.org/
Idaho Medical Association  http://www.idmed.org/ 
Ada County Medical Society http://www.adamedicalsociety.org/
Illinois State Medical Society http://www.cmsdocs.org/
Champaign County Medical Society http://www.prairienet.org/
Chicago Medical Society http://www.cmsdocs.org/
Kane County Medical Society http://www.kcmsdocs.org/
Lake County Medical Society http://www.lakecountymedicalsociety.org/
McHenry County Medical Society http://www.mchenrymed.org/
Peoria Medical Society http://www.peomedsoc.org/
Rock Island County Medical Society http://www.qcmso.com/
Sangamon County Medical Society http://www.scmsdocs.org/
St. Clair County Medical Society http://www.stclairmed.org/
Indiana State Medical Association  http://www.ismanet.org/ 
Indianapolis Medical Society http://www.imsonline.org/
Vanderburgh County Medical Society http://www.vcmsdocs.org/
Iowa Medical Society  http://www.iowamedical.org/ 
Polk County Medical Society http://www.pcms.org/
Pottawattamie Mills County Medical Society http://www.iowamedical.org/
Scott County Medical Society http://www.qcmso.com/
Kansas Medical Society  http://www.kmsonline.org/ 
Crawford-Cherokee County Medical Society http://www.mtcarmel.org/
Medical Societies of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties http://www.msjwc.org/
Kentucky Medical Association http://www.kyma.org/ 
Jefferson County Medical Society http://www.jcms.org/
Lexington Medical Society http://www.lexingtondoctors.org/
Northern Kentucky Medical Society http://www.nkms.org/
Louisiana State Medical Society http://www.isms.org/ 
East Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society http://www.ebrpms,com/
Jefferson Parish Medical Society http://www.jpms.org/
Lafayette Parish Medical Society http://www.lpms.org/
Orleans Parish Medical Society http://www.opms.org/
Ouchita Medical Society http://www.lsms.org/
Maine Medical Association  http://www.mainemed.com/
Med Chi; Maryland State Medical Society  http://www.medchi.org/ 
Baltimore City Medical Society http://www.bcmsdocs.org/
Baltimer County Medical Assoication http://www.medchi.org/
Montgomery County Medical Society http://www.mcmedsoc.org/
Massachusetts Medical Society  http://www.massmed.org/ 
Hampden District Medical Society http://www.massmed.org/
Michigan State Medical Society  http://www.msms.org/ 
Isabella-Clare County Medical Society http://www.2.cmch.org/
Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine http://www.msms.org/kam/
Kent County Medical Society http://www.kcms.org/
Marquette-Alger County Medical Society http://www.superiormed.com/
Saginaw County Medical Society http://www.saginawmedicalsociety.org/
St. Clair County Medical Society http://www.sccms.com/
Washtenaw County Medical Society http://www.msms.org/wcms/
Wayne County Medical Society of Michigan http://www.wcmsnet.org/
Minnesota Medical Association http://www.mnmed.org/ 
Lake Superior County Medical Society http://www.mnmed.org/lsms/
Ramsey Medical Society http://www.metrodoctors.com/
Mississippi State Medical Association http://www.msmaonline.com/
Missouri State Medical Association  http://www.msma.org/ 
Cape Giardeau County Medical Society http://www.cgcams.org/
Metropolitan Medical Society of Kansas City http://www.metromedkc.org/
St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society http://www.slmms.org/
Montana Medical Association  http://www.mmaoffice.org/
Nebraska Medical Association  http://www.nebmed.org/ 
Lancaster County Medical Society http://www.countymedicalsociety.org/
Metropolitan Omaha Medical Society http://www.omahamedical.org/
Nevada State Medical Association http://www.nsmadocs.org/ 
Carson Douglas County Medical Society http://www.nsmadocs.org/
Washoe County Medical Society http://www.wcmsnv.org/
New Hampshire Medical Society  http://www.nhms.org/ 
Medical Society of New Jersey  http://www.msnj.org/ 
Bergen County Medical Society http://www.bcmsnj.org/
Hudson County Medical Society http://www.hcmsdoctors.org/
Middlesex County Medical Society http://www.mcmsnj.org/
New Mexico Medical Society   http://www.nmms.org/  
Greater Albuquerque Medical Association http://www.gamamed.org/gama/
Medical Society of the State of New York http://www.mssny.org/ 
Bronx County Medical Society http://www.bronxdocs.org/
Dutchess County Medical Soicety http://www.dcms.org/
Medical Societies of County of Broome, Delaware, Otsego & Tompkins http://www.medsocieties.org/
Medical Society of County of Ulster http://www.ucmsnys.org/
Medical Society of County of Erie http://www.eriemds.org/
Medical Society of County of Orange http://www.ocmsnys.org/
Medical Society of County of Tompkins http://www.medsocieties.org/
Monroe County Medical Society http://www.mcms.org/
Nassau County Medical Society http://www.nacmed.org/
New York County Medical Society http://www.nycms.org/
Onondaga County Medical Society http://www.oncms.org/
Richmond County Medical Society http://www.rcms.org/
Suffolk County Medical Society http://www.scms-sam.org/
North Carolina Medical Society  http://www.ncmedsoc.org/ 
Bumcombe County Medical Society http://www.bcmsonline.org/
Catawba County Medical Society http://www.catawbacountymedicalsociety.org/
Franklin County Medical Society http://www.franklinregionalmedicalctr.org/
Mecklenburg County Medical Society http://www.meckmed.org/
Pitt County Medical Society http://www.pittcountymedicalsociety.org/
North Dakota Medical Association  http://www.ndmed.org/ 
Ohio State Medical Association  http://www.osma.org/ 
Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati http://www.academyofmedicine.org/
Columbus Medical Association http://www.goodhealthcolumbus.org/
Mahoning County Mecical Society http://www.mahoningmed.org/
Medical Society of Greater Akron http://www.msgaonline.org/
Montgomery County Medical Society http://www.mcmsoh.org/
Trumbull County Medical Society http://www.trumbullmed.org/
Oklahoma State Medical Association  http://www.osmaonline.org/
Oklahoma County Medical Society http://www.o-c-m-s.org/
Tulsa County Medical Society http://www.tcmsok.org/
Oregon Medical Association  http://www.theoma.org/ 
Jackson County Medical Society http://www.jcmsonline.org/
Marion-Polk County Medical Society http://www.mpmedsociety.org/
Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland http://www.msmp.org/
Pennsylvania Medical Society  http://www.pamedsoc.org/ 
Allegheny County Medical Society http://www.acms.org/
Bucks County Medical Society http://www.bcmspa.org/
Philadelphia County Medical Society http://www.philamedsoc.org/
Rhode Island Medical Society  http://www.rimed.org/
South Carolina Medical Association  http://www.scmanet.org/
Columbia Medical Society http://www.columbiamedicalsociety.org/
South Dakota State Medical Association  http://www.sdsma.org/ 
Tennessee Medical Association  http://www.tnmed.org/ 
Knoxville Academy of Medicine http://www.knoxdocs.org/
Medical Society of Chattanooga & Hamilton County http://www.chattmedsoc.org/
Nashville Academy of Medicine http://www.nashvillemedicine.org/
The Memphis Medical Society http://www.mdmemphis.org/
Texas Medical Association http://www.texmed.org/ 
Bexar County Medical Society http://www.bcms.org/
Dallas County Medical Society http://www.dallas-cms.org/
Denton County Medical Society http://www.dcmedsociety.org/
El Pasco County Medical Society http://www.epcms.com/
Gregg-Upshur County Medical Society http://www.gucms.org/
Harris County Medical Society http://www.hcms.org/
Jefferson County Medical Society http://www.jeffersoncms.com/
Lubbock-Crosby-Garza County Medical Society http://www.lcgcms.org/
McLennan County Medical Society http://www.wacomedicine.org/
Tarrant County Medical Society http://www.tcms.org/
Travis County Medical Society http://www.tcms.com/
Utah Medical Association  http://www.utahmed.org/ 
Weber County Medical Society http://www.wcmsutah.org/
Vermont Medical Association  http://www.vtmed.org/ 
Medical Society of Virginia  http://www.msv.org/ 
Albermarle County Medical Society http://www.albemarlecountymedicalsociety.org/
Lynchburg Academy of Medicine http://www.mdpro.net/1am/
Medical Society of Northern Virginia http://www.msnva.org/
Richmond Academy of Medicine http://www.ramdocs.org/
Virginia Beach Medical Society http://www.vbms.org/
Washington State Medical Association  http://www.wsma.org/
Pierce County Medical Society http://www.pcmswa.org/
Snohomish County Medical Society http://www.snohomishmedical.org/
Thurston-Mason County Medical Society http://www.tmcms.org/
Yikma County Medical Society http://www.ycms.org/
West Virginia State Medical Association  http://www.wvsma.org/ 
Greenbrier Valley County Medical Society http://www.greenbrierurology.com/
Wisconsin Medical Society  http://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/ 
Dane County Medical Society http://www.danecms.org/
Medical Society of Milwaukee County http://www.district-1.org/
Wyoming State Medical Society http://www.wyomed.org/