March 21, 2018

Business Unit

MedTemps – a subsidiary of The Memphis Medical Society

MedTemps is a temporary and permanent employment placement service, which staffs qualified clerical, technical and management personnel in the medical community.  MedTemps helps your practice by saving it the costs associated with finding and training employees.

MedTemps assists your practice by eliminating:

1. The interviewing / screening process

2. Payroll processing and mandatory filing compliance

3. Taxes – FICA, state unemployment and workers’ compensation

4. Paid benefits, including vacation, sick, holiday pay; health and life insurance; bonus pay; and paid time off

MedTemps accomplishes this by:

1. Thoroughly screening potential applicants

2. In-depth analysis of the applicant’s skills, qualifications and experience

3. Serving as an arbitrator for workplace disputes

4. Carrying Error & Omissions and Liability Insurance, as well as Fidelity Bonds on each employee


Freda Reed – Senior Staffing Coordinator

Paula Lipford – Accounting Coordinator