March 21, 2018

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Memphis Medical Society


      The Memphis Medical Society began with the founding of the Shelby County Medical Society in 1876. In April of that year, a committee composed of Drs. D.D. Saunders, F.L. Sim, W.D. Tucker, G.K. Duncan and R.H. Taylor were appointed to formulate a constitution and bylaws for the government of the Shelby County Medical Society.
      The Society’s objective, as stated in its constitution, “Shall be the advancement of medical knowledge, the elevation of professional character, the protection of the professional interests of its members and the promotion of all measures adapted to the relief of suffering, the improvement of health and the protection of the lives of the community.”
      In its many years of existence, the name of the Society has changed three times. It started and continued as the Shelby County Medical Society until June 1887. The name then was changed to the Memphis Medical Society, because the members didn’t feel that “Shelby County” identified the “habitat” of the Society to those in distant places.
      The title, Memphis Medical Society, would probably have continued to this day, had not the new constitution of the TMA changed the method of representation of their constituent societies – only county societies were qualified to send delegates to the TMA meetings. Thus, in 1902, the name was changed to the Memphis and Shelby County Medical Society.
      The name returned to The Memphis Medical Society in July 2002 because the name appropriately represents the area and, unlike in 1902, the name of the Society has no bearing on the number of delegates allowed at TMA meetings.


      The Society is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and nine Members-at-Large. The Members-at-Large are rotated by electing three new members each year to serve a three-year term each. Also serving on the Board is an annually appointed representative of the Resident members who serves a one-year term.
      The Board is responsible for all property and fiscal affairs of the Society, as well as any employees and office maintained by the Society. The Board assigns and supervises the duties of the Executive Vice President, who in turn manages all daily functions of the Society and its staff. The Board also makes suggestions for the coordination and proper performance of the duties of the standing and ad hoc committees.
    Standing Committees:

Communications and Public Service


President Phillip R. Langsdon, M.D.
President Elect Autry J. Parker, M.D.
Vice President Andrew T. Watson, M.D.
Secretary Danielle Hinton Hassel, M.D.
Treasurer David L. Cannon, M.D.
Board Members Lanetta Anderson, M.D
Frederick A. Fiedler, M.D.
James E. Klemis, M.D.
Jimmie Mancell, M.D.
Justin Monroe, M.D.
Christopher M. Pokabla, M.D.
Lisa S. Usdan, M.D.
Lindi H. Vanderwalde, M.D.
Raymond R. Walker, M.D.
 Immediate Past President Tommy J. Campbell, M.D.


      Bluff City Medical Society President, Perisco Wofford, MD and MSMGMA President, Jessica Harrison are designated as ex-officio board members.



      The mission of the Medical Alliance is ‘To promote the interests of The Memphis Medical Society and its related organizations: to promote health education and to encourage participation of volunteers and activities that meet health needs.
VP-AMA Foundation Peggy Larkin
7354 Splinter Oak Cove
Germantown, TN  38138
VP-Health Promotion Barbara Trautman
3089 Oakleigh Lane
Germantown, TN  38138


      The Memphis Medical Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) component of The Memphis Medical Society. The Foundation’s efforts have included support of the Tennessee Medical Foundation Mental Health Summit; Growing Healthy, the acclaimed elementary school health education program and Medical Student Support.
          Future grants will continue to support this work, as well as finding ways to support The Memphis Medical Society in keeping operations efficient and up-to-date and dues stable. Please consider making a gift today or pledging your financial support this year. Pledges can be scheduled to be paid in installments. You can donate to The Memphis Medical Foundation by clicking below.


Clint F. Cummins
Executive Vice-President

Janice Cooper
Executive Assistant

Cailyn Bautista
Manager, Sales and Business Development

Leah S. Lumm
Director of Finance

Paula Lipford
Accounting Coordinator

Freda Reed
Senior Staffing Coordinator – MedTemps

Betty Lee
Staff Liaison – Mid-South MGMA